TV Club: Dirk Gently narrowly escapes several painful deaths, but succumbs to a painful trope

If this is going to be a show that is often indifferent to the plot structure of an ordinary show, it would be nice if it was also indifferent to some overworked tropes, too. Such as using the violent death of a woman as a plot driver.

The rhythms of Dirk Gently take some getting used to. The music is often purposefully off-putting. Characters speak in odd, mannered ways. Dirk Gently himself acts like a child in the throes of a deep sugar rush, and he’s the ostensible star. But when it’s working best, those differences work to its advantage, as is the case with the show’s unique visual style, showcased here in the scene in the room full of light bulbs. It’s a death trap, but it’s also an intense, arresting image, with Dirk and Todd framed within it. Light bulbs, of course, are …

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