TV Club: Dirk Gently gets loud

The new Dirk Gently series, as adapted for BBC America by Max Landis, is going to be one of those adaptations that retains only the bare minimum of resemblance to its source material, it seems.

Shucking its ’80s English setting for the present day and Seattle, it also loses some of the very specific charms Douglas Adams endowed the original story with. Though presumably the makers are experiencing some regret about the time change, given the sudden fit of nostalgia the public is currently bestowing on all things ’80s.

The first episode suffers from a serious amount of overstuffing, but given the nature of holistic detecting, that might be the nature of the beast. We’re introduced to a wealth of characters by the end of the episode, including main character Todd, his sick sister, Dirk himself, various and sundry sets of law enforcement figures, an unholy quartet bent on …

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