TV Club: Dirk Gently finds a magic light bulb, and leaves some other mysteries unresolved

There are signs that for a show called Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, the titular character is awfully ancillary to his own show. This whole episode was about things happening to people around him rather than to him, and it’s hard to point to specific events he has caused to happen, other than burning down a house.

On a conceptual level, this isn’t a huge problem. Part of his whole ethos involves being in the right place at the right time until sufficient unconnected events happen that help him solve a mystery. But as a character in a TV show, he’s starting to seem about as useful to most scenes as a potted plant. He’s just there, contributing little beyond manic enthusiasm.

This is most obvious in the attempted parallel between Ken and Todd, both of whom are suddenly swayed to believe that their strange …

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