TV Club: Dirk Gently can’t fight the inevitability of time with a crossbow, a kitten, or a gorilla mask

Time travel is one of those particularly wonky plot devices. If the characters go back in time solely for entertainment purposes, it’s pretty easy to just crack jokes about funny old-fashioned hairdos. But once they start affecting their own stories, things get a lot more complicated.

The parts of Dirk and Todd’s time travel that work best demonstrate the inevitability of the universe. We see Todd’s desperate attempts to try and affect change, and a lot of the larger mystery slots into place as we see why Gordon has been acting the way he does. The main problem with the time travel is that it retrofits a lot of the reasons for Dirk’s behavior.

The addition of the information that Dirk met himself at the hotel changes the entirety of his character’s motivation, and at this late point in the season, it’s a tough …

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