TV Club: Difficult People: “The Courage Of A Soldier”

Since television thrives on ensemble casts and long-term storytelling, it’s an ideal medium for stories about the families that people are born into and the families they create for themselves. “The Courage Of A Soldier” sheds more light on the slightly dysfunctional relationships that Billy and Julie have with their nuclear families, information that also helps explain the reasoning behind their mutual codependence. Since Billy and Julie don’t feel entirely at home with their own families, they embraced the family they found in one another.

Billy’s visit to his brother’s home for Yom Kippur might be the show’s richest subplot yet. While there is no shortage of television out there examining the human comedy and drama inherent in famial relationships, this episode does an especially good job of weaving insights both funny and thoughtful together seamlessly. Witnessing this dinner, it’s clear that the actual …

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