TV Club: Difficult People: “Pilot”

In the same way that Girls portrays a specific type of girl—not every girl—Difficult People depicts a particular breed of difficult person. It’s clear from the start of the pilot that Julie and Billy (tellingly named after Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner themselves) are self-absorbed loudmouths. However, they aren’t just the stereotypical New York City cranks suggested by the opening sequence, which traces their footsteps down the New York City streets from one rude encounter with passersby to another. After the first few pop culture references, it’s clear that these two represent a specific type of self-absorbed loudmouth. The fictional Julie and Billy have a few things in common with their real counterparts, including a special bond of friendship and a borderline certifiable obsession with pop culture. Fair warning: for those who love television to the extent that they’re reading criticism about it—so …

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