TV Club: Difficult People: “Devil’s Three-way”/“Pledge Week”

There are certain aspects of “Devil’s Three-way” that don’t work, so it’s a convenient coincidence that it is paired with “Pledge Week” for this review; in juxtaposition, it’s clear that in several instances, the third episode of Difficult People gets right what the second episode gets wrong. “Devil’s Three-way” is trying to accomplish a few goals too many, resulting in an enjoyable but ultimately overstuffed episode. Having too many good ideas isn’t the worst problem to have, but it’s a more obvious and potentially disruptive problem when it occurs so early in a series when careful, deliberate development is particularly important for the introduction of story and audience retention. In order to ace an audition, Billy learns what it’s like to have a father figure from Nate, a real man’s man. Due to some bad advice leading to a hit-and-run, Billy …

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