TV Club: Diana Rayburn wakes up on Bloodline

This episode of Bloodline belongs to Jacinda Barrett. I’ve been waiting to say that for a while now. Bloodline most egregiously under-uses the brilliant and versatile gifts of Chloë Sevigny, but Barrett too is rarely given much to do in any given episode up to this point. The men of Bloodline‘s ensemble tend to get most of the credit—even Sissy Spacek and Linda Cardellini don’t get quite enough praise for their performances. That has less to do with their ability than it does with how inadequately the women on this show are written a lot of the time. Both Meg and Sally have been better developed this season than last, and Cardellini and Spacek have shined even brighter as they’ve stepped up to do more complex and heavy storytelling.

But Belle and Diana, the quiet and trusting wives of Bloodline, have stayed firmly on the …

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