TV Club: Devious Maids can fill your campy summer soap needs

We all want mindless entertainment in the summer: This is why Independence Day 2 is opening in a few weeks. But on TV, on a weeknight, it’s hard to find something that resembles the fun, frothy soap operas of yore. Last week I wrote about Mistresses, which tries, but mostly misses the mark when it comes to crucial elements like sexiness, humor, and funtimes. Those looking for a little domestic escapism would be much better off with Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

The show is executive-produced by some names you may recognize, like Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria, who also worked together on Cherry’s production Desperate Housewives a few years back. The two shows have a lot in common: a whimsical score, humor threaded throughout the script, recognizable faces from previous soaps, now poking fun at the genre that made them famous. Devious Maids shifts the genre slightly by …

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