TV Club: Deutschland 83: “Northern Wedding”

The shouting match in “Northern Wedding” between Alexander, who only recently started picking out his own outfits, and his father, given name General, comes at first as a long time coming, second as a laughable parody, and finally as the whole shebang. Blame for the long cringe can be apportioned equally among everyone who let Alexander go straight to yelling, leaving him with nowhere else to go and us with a shrill telenovela instead of what could very well have been a scene of Marius and his grandfather in Les Miserables, or at least Douglas and his father in Not Fade Away. A dinner-table political argument across generations should be one of the more universal parts of Deutschland 83. This is a cartoon. And it’s now been two episodes since we’ve seen Alexander at work, a conspicuous choice not to complicate his ideals, whatever they really are.

And …

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