TV Club: Deutschland 83: “Bold Guard”

“The calm before the storm” is the ominous last line in “Bold Guard,” which is itself the calm before the storm, give or take a couple dramatic moments like, oh, Martin confessing he’s a spy to General Edel. But even that is handled with a relatively cool temperament. Edel doesn’t flip out, Martin easily evades him, and from there it’s the same tense thriller as the rest of the hour. So maybe “calm” isn’t quite right, but the sense of mounting tension defines the episode.

Take the Annett story. One of the first things she does in “Bold Guard” is smoothly cover for how she knows Walter. He notices. I mean, he can’t not, but the camera catches him clocking that information. Annett might be useful to him after all. The fact that all of this is happening under the surface is generally how the …

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