TV Club: Deutschland 83: “Able Archer”

“Able Archer” is one of those finales that demands another season, which hasn’t to my knowledge been ordered yet, so don’t forget to call your Senators. In a way it confirms my continuing argument throughout the season that Deutschland 83 is a lot messier than it’s given credit for by the uniformly drooling critics. It’s an episode that settles its main plot, but that main plot isn’t exactly prominent. In democratic terms, it has a plurality of the screen-time but not an outright majority. All the characters are scrambling all over the map, but few make it to any clear endpoint. In the end, almost nothing is resolved except for the greater international crisis, which sounds like a big deal and is, except it only has to do with two or three of our characters directly.

The finale’s a mess, but after all that …

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