TV Club: Despite her getting the spotlight, Rebels somehow reveals even less about Sabine

Lord knows we needed an episode that focused on Sabine, the least interesting character of the cast. She exudes a spunkiness that could be appealing if we knew something about her, or understood her, outside of the fact that she knows explosives, electronics, and crappy graffiti art. Clone Wars viewers will know that Mandalorians are a truly interesting group to pull stories from, but Sabine seems to have little connected to them outside of the soldier uniform. “Blood Sisters” attempts to finally provide the Sabine-centric episode that we desperately need, but, somehow, by revealing a big piece of her past, the show manages to make her even more of a cypher. It also doesn’t help that newcomer Ketsu is herself a underwhelming character, which doesn’t really give Sabine much to play off of, nor is the episode interesting, or even logical, in the narrative sense.

Sabine, Ezra, and …

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