TV Club: Despite being all the rage, Grimm still keeps its rat king in a cage

The term “rat king” can mean many different things. If you’re a city-dweller, student of history, or Dennis Duffy, it means the urban legend of a colossal rat swarm all conjoined at the tail. If you’re an 80s kid, it means an erstwhile Pied Piper who frequently clashed with the Ninja Turtles defending his own corner of the sewer. And if you frequent Paddy’s Pub, it’s the honorific bestowed on Charlie Kelly, who with his ratstick has eradicated generations of those little fellows in his crusade to make sure the bar’s most parasitic residents are its owners.

However, a version of this story that no one’s ever seen before is a 20-foot tall giant man-rat composed of other rat-men, so Grimm definitely scores points for originality on that one. “The Rat King” is one of those episodes of Grimm that decides to forego its …

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