TV Club: Designated Survivor wanders through the woods in more ways than one

Designated Survivor has a Peter MacLeish problem.

It’s not unexpected for a show that’s at least part intelligence thriller to throw a big rise-from-the-dead twist in at the eleventh hour (and with only two episodes left in its first season, that’s exactly the hour). It’s not even a bad twist, really—a familiar face needed to step out of that helicopter to achieve one of the gasp-worthy moments that DS is so clearly chasing. Still, the return of the supposedly dead Nestor Lozano isn’t exactly a shot of pure adrenaline, either, and there’s a simple explanation for that: he’s actually not a familiar face, and this isn’t a show that can get by without a villain.

That’s the MacLeish problem. In “The End of the Beginning,” the best episode of the series to date, Designated Survivor offed the two most visible …

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