TV Club: Designated Survivor tries for thrills, doesn’t quite get there

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to make of Abe Leonard. Rob Morrow plays him like a man who probably isn’t drunk right now, but will be soon; a sloppy, potentially irresponsible reporter whose hunt for the truth may be motivated by a deeper calling, or just an irresponsible attempt at self-glorification. His search for answers about the conspiracy that nearly destroyed the government is framed partly as a potential threat to our heroes—and to be honest, that’s not atypical for this kind of thriller. For every show or movie about a heroic reporter, there’s one about how irresponsible, muckraking journalists threaten to destroy our privacy and our way of life.

I’d like to believe the show is cannier than that; that we’ve spent enough time getting to know Leonard to make him more than just a fame-hungry putz whose efforts are …

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