TV Club: Designated Survivor plays it down the middle while upping the stakes

I’ve misjudged Senator Hookstraten, and rather embarrassingly at that. Given her combative behavior with Kirkman since the bombing, I labeled her as one of the show’s long-term villains—someone who would needlessly block good guys to push her own ambition. But while I’m betting some ambition still plays a factor in her character, it’s clear now that no matter how frustrating she gets, she’s not in league with the real villains. Her line to MacLeish before MacLeish’s confirmation hearing clinches this: “I don’t trust anyone who has things handed to them in life. Especially power.” It’s about as straightforward and direct as opposition gets, and her reasoning is defensible; we know that Kirkman is a good guy because we’ve been watching him all along, but she doesn’t know that.

It’s embarrassing that I misjudged this, because Hookstraten is a …

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