TV Club: Designated Survivor gets political in a simple but effective entry

Designated Survivor has spent the weeks since the assassination attempt that marked the midpoint of the season focusing largely on the conspiracy/thriller elements of the show’s premise. Which makes sense; with Kirkman briefly sidelined, and MacLeish apparently ascendant, it was a good chance to turn up the heat on Hannah’s search for the truth. But while the conspiracy is still a major factor in the show’s storytelling, it’s not the only reason we watch. Kirkman is the president, not some FBI agent running around shooting people in the face. The politics can’t disappear completely.

Which may be why “One Hundred Days” is as effective as it is. The episode starts with Kirkman giving a press conference in which he asks the assembled reporters (and the country at large) to give him the benefit of a fresh start; after struggling to rebuild the government in …

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