TV Club: Designated Survivor battens down the hatches

It’s understandable that, after an hour like “The End of the Beginning,” Designated Survivor might need a moment to catch its breath. Both the Kirkman administration and the narrative we thought we were following have realign, to adjust for a new reality and plan accordingly. You can’t exactly call “Backfire” a place-setting episode. How can you set places when no one has any idea what the table looks like?

At the risk of torturing the metaphor (too late, probably), let’s say that “Backfire” isn’t so much about place-setting as about the moment after someone has flipped a table over entirely. Better still, let’s leave furniture and cutlery behind and say that the most important thing Designated Survivor needs to say with its most recent installment is something about where the show is headed, now that its most visible villain has well and truly bit the …

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