TV Club: Deep, dark, sexual secrets revealed on a great The Grinder

Sitcoms shouldn’t start out great. It’s just basic TV science. Some start out good and become great, some even start out terrible and become great. But there are few that start out positively fantastically and stay that way throughout their run. Why? There’s a few reasons: Characters take time to take their true comedic form (Leslie Knope in season 1 vs. Leslie Knope in season 7 are fundamentally different characters, same could be said for Michael Scott) or it takes time for us as an audience to understand the tone and feel of the show (30 Rock had its own weird language and rhythms). But there are so many examples of turning point episodes that show this baby sitcom firing on all cylinders, proving what it can do and what it can eventually become. The “Pawnee Zoos” or the “The Dundies,” if you will. “Giving Thanks, Getting …

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