TV Club: Death overtakes Outlander’s penultimate episode of the season

“All that work. All that plotting. How the bloody hell did we end up here?” Claire asks, both her and Jamie dripping with cold rain, covered with specks of dirt. A sense of fatalism has weighed heavily on this season of Outlander. The rush of excitement that came with their initial schemes to change history in the beginning of the season was quickly snuffed out by harsh realism. Their flashy Paris lives have been replaced with their new drab and chilly life of war and loss. Now, here they are in “The Hail Mary,” an episode drenched with the desperation implied in its title, days away from the British victory at Culloden that will wipe out the Jacobites and bring an end to the Highland people’s culture for good. Every move Claire and Jamie have made hasn’t seemed to change a thing. Fate remains one step ahead of …

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