TV Club: Dean Cain pays Supergirl an emotional homecoming

Last week I talked about how this season of Supergirl has felt relatively scattered compared to the first. Case in point: Remember when the show revealed Jeremiah Danvers was living as The Phantom Of The Cadmus and then never really mentioned it again? After dropping that thread almost entirely for the past seven episodes, Jeremiah (not to mention Dean Cain) finally makes his glorious return tonight. And while his daughters couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back, Mon-El is the first to note that his return is awfully convenient. Is it possible Jeremiah isn’t quite as innocent as he seems?!?

If you’ve ever seen an episode of genre TV before, odds are you knew Jeremiah would turn out to be some sort of double agent long before the majority of the characters did. “Homecoming” doesn’t even put a particularly new spin on the old “mysteriously …

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