TV Club: David unleashes his power and the world of Legion gets intriguingly messy

David Haller is not himself. Since the first episode of Legion, it’s been a recurring problem: If we are the sum of our memories, but our memories are false, are we then not who we think we are? But that’s a question each of us has to ask ourselves, an issue that continually forces us to grapple with our past to make sense of our present. For David, the fear was always that his schizophrenia caused him to see and act other than he would, were he healthy. But now, even that would be a blessing of sorts—an illness is not a parasite. And David has a parasite, a devil with yellow eyes, one that’s been with him since he was a boy. It’s taken different forms—his imaginary dog King, the World’s Angriest Boy, his drug-addled friend Benny, even Lenny, as much as …

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