TV Club: Daryl and Rick go hunting on a kinder, gentler Walking Dead

It’s no surprise that I struggle with The Walking Dead sometimes. There’s so much about the show that’s frustrated me over the years: its sloppiness, its nihilism, its repeated willingness to sacrifice character for the sake of shock value. Hell, just last week gave us a perfect example of how easily, and painfully, things can go wrong. It’s not losing the Andersons I object to so much as the ineffectual narrative sadism of it, the way their deaths play like “Eh, this is going nowhere, let’s kill a kid and then his mom.”

So yeah, that wasn’t great. But part of the reason those (let’s face it, pretty frequent) lapses in judgement can be so painful is that the show is still capable of good, or even greatness. The Morgan-centric episode in the first half of the season was fantastic, and while tonight …

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