TV Club: Darkness falls on the Penny Dreadful season finale

Maybe now we know why Showtime has yet to renew Penny Dreadful for a fourth season. Before seeing how it all unfolded tonight, I had planned to speculate on the show’s chances of coming back. Although the network has a reputation for prolonging many a series past its creative prime, Penny Dreadful is an expensive show that has never drawn the ratings it deserved. Before tonight’s creature double-feature, I would have put its odds at 50/50 of coming back. By the time the final shot faded to black and the words “The End” appeared, however, those odds had already dropped precipitously. Even if it hasn’t been officially cancelled, is a version of Penny Dreadful without Vanessa Ives even worth continuing?

Let’s back up to the penultimate episode “Perpetual Night,” the second one this season with no Eva Green at all, aside from an opening recitation …

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