TV Club: Darkness abounds and a dinner goes poorly on Fargo

One of the challenges of reviewing, at least for me, is trying to figure out the line between “well-written character who is intentionally frustrating and unpleasant to watch” and “character who is frustrating and unpleasant to watch because he is poorly written.” Whatever criticisms I’ve made of this season of Fargo (and between this week and last, things have picked up considerably), nothing in it has been so clumsily done as to be actually painful. But man do I hate Chief Moe Dammik (Shea Whigham), Gloria’s new boss. The guy has been a condescending ass since his first appearance on the show, and time has not softened him whatsoever. In tonight’s episode, he bends a little, but only after someone tries to kill Nikki in lock-up. And even then, he snaps back to not caring the instant an opportunity presents itself.

The thing is, it’s evident …

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