TV Club: Danny and Mindy move even farther apart on The Mindy Project

I feel like we are watching the Mindy and Danny relationship dissolve. It’s odd after so many episodes, and seasons, of watching them inch closer and closer together, to now see them drift farther and farther apart. I sadly don’t have the time to go back and rewatch and trace Danny’s personality from day one: In this episode it almost seems as if he’s being demonized, but I know there have been traces of this side of his personality behavior before this. When he told Mindy she should lose weight in season one. When he made Mindy go to church with him, even though she’s far from his religion. But this week, with the birth-control standoff, Mindy and Danny are on such opposite sides, I don’t even know how they pull it all back together. More importantly, I don’t know if that’s …

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