TV Club: Cucumber: “Episode 7” / Banana: “Episode 7”

Except for the luggage, there isn’t a lot to unpack in “Episode 7.” Everything happens right there on the surface. But there is a sense of history repeating itself and cycles remaining unbroken. For example, Henry and his peers watch Freddie gets rejected on account of his old age. To which Freddie responds by threatening to move in with a boy he thinks is hot. Is this how Henrys are made?

“Well, he’s too cool for fucking school.” That’s new neighbor Maureen on Freddie, and it’s about time someone said so. Of course it takes someone not blinded by attraction. But it seems to wound Freddie just a little bit. So does getting rejected by a 20-year-old at Lance’s wake because he’s too old, but even after that experience, he still has the bare minimum of compassion for Henry. He complains to his other …

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