TV Club: Cucumber: “Episode 4” / Banana: “Episode 4”

Date night in Manchester is so much fun it could convince you something actually happens. Okay, some turning points are reached. Henry and Freddie both embark on new relationships, and that wonder of physics Daniel takes another several inches forward and backward at the same time, literally and figuratively. But by the end of the episode, not much has really changed for the characters. And it’s the funniest episode yet.

Even after Dean’s kidnappers get in a little marital squabble about making sure Dean can still breathe while tied up in the trunk of their car, it’s still well within the realm of possibility that we’re witnessing the prelude to a hate crime, so for a while there I was tapping my foot all through the other dates just to make sure Dean’s hook-up was a role-play arrangement. It’s clear from the moment we …

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