TV Club: Cucumber: “Episode 3” / Banana: “Episode 3”

I was starting to think Freddie’s face was stuck like that. Until now he’s had all the range of a magazine model, pretty, unavailable, and disgusted with you. He’s the same old Freddie all through the quiet morning visit with Henry’s family, Cleo and the kids, although there’s a hint of something more when Cleo stops by his room to tell him to send Henry home. The camera pushes in on him as he says with the low-key thrill of provocation, “I don’t give a fuck.” (That’s not the “something more.”) Then she gives him one last mom stare and leaves, and it seems to take. But from the moment he runs into old family friends Sally and Gregory, Freddie’s a different person. He retreats into his shell, and that’s just the beginning of Freddie Fox’s surprisingly rich performance this …

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