TV Club: Cucumber: “Episode 2” / Banana: “Episode 2”

The snappy premiere and the miniseries length might have given me unreasonable hopes for Cucumber, but by “Episode 2” we’ve already hit upon an episode whose main organizing principle is “And what happened next is this.” Granted, some TV episodes don’t even do that much. Some lack a performance as weasely as Vincent Franklin’s or as bright as Fisayo Akinade’s. And it’s not just about plot, either. “Episode 2” explores the questions left in the wake of Henry’s decision to move in with lusty millennials Freddie and Dean as well as Lance’s decision to strike up a friendship with the mercurial beefcake Daniel. It chews through some of the show’s meat. But it lacks the comic panache of the cucumber-banana-tofu interruptions, the rich moodswings of Henry’s lot in life, the careful structuring of each scene as a showcase. It has its …

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