TV Club: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soars when it sings

Six episodes into its inaugural season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s installments have ranged from excellent to still-really-good-but-not-outstanding—not a bad track record. But even when individual storylines or scenes have dipped in quality, there’s one thing each episode has had in common: terrific music, written and performed in such a way that it’s essential to the show. Imagine “I’m Going On a Date With Josh’s Friend!” without “Settle for Me,” or “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!” without “Feelin’ Kinda Naughty.” Cut the song, and suddenly there’s a huge hole to fill, much bigger than you could normally fill with roughly three minutes of material. It’s the mark of a great musical, and that’s not something one sees on TV very often, if at all. What a remarkable thing.

Of course, it isn’t good because of the music alone—while the songs are …

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