TV Club: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend keeps on digging that hole

In “Josh and I Work On A Case!,” two very similar people encounter obstacles that seem likely to keep them from happiness. One of them does a little denying, a lot of soul-searching, looks at some butts, and gets a smooch out of it. The other one ends up in the sewers—literally. Darryl and Rebecca may be really similar, but only one of them is actually learning things and then retaining those lessons.

In other words, welcome out, Darryl! Congratulations, you’re a bothsexual. Bring on WhiteJoshFeather. The world is waiting.

It may be only a subplot, but the story of Darryl making some discoveries about his sexuality feels significant for a number of reasons. First, and most importantly: it was great. Cheers to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writing team and to Pete Gardner and David Hull, because theirs was a storyline that feels surprising but not out of nowhere …

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