TV Club: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back to gaslight your heart

In its stellar first season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend performed many wonders, but none were greater than this: it played a long game, gradually revealing exactly how smart and self-aware it was, peeling back layer after layer of insanity until it became clear that the ostensible romantic comedy was something else entirely. Sure, there’s a love triangle, but that’s just the set-up. The real trick was how much was buried beneath the surface.

That’s a trick that only works once, but never fear: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend still has plenty of surprises up its adorable, frilly sleeves. This time around, Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosh McKenna and company give us a thesis statement right up front, and its one that was hinted at throughout season one. This is a story about addiction, and about when people become ready to acknowledge their dependencies—or when they don’t.

But hey, it’s also …

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