TV Club: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend flips destiny the bird

From the very beginning, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has played around with the tropes of romantic comedy, and with the idea of love triangles in particular. At times, it would seem like a pretty familiar story—there’s the dream guy, the guy right under her nose, and the scattered, nutsy heroine at the center of it all. At others, the show seemed to hint that it was Rebecca that believed in that kind of story, rather than the show itself. Most of the time this was pretty subtle, but as with the “Dream Ghost” storyline, occasionally it went out of its way to make the point that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn’t a romantic comedy. It’s a comedy about a woman with untreated mental health issues and the way her actions (and those of others with issues of their own) affect the people in their lives.

Well, with “All Signs Point …

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