TV Club: Crashing’s Pete can’t get his act together, but he does take it on ‘The Road’

I enjoyed the premiere of Crashing, but as is the case with a lot of pilot episodes, it has a crapload of situations to set up, so episode 2 is usually where the ball really starts rolling.

Such is the case with “The Road,” which sees Pete agree to drive Artie Lange to a gig in Albany in exchange for getting a few minutes on stage as the emcee of the evening. T.J. Miller is the co-headliner and by the night’s end, Pete has moved from one couch to another, swapping Lange for Miller.

Along the way, Gina Gershon guest-stars as Susie, a woman at the comedy gig who definitely has a yang for Lange. But part of Pete’s job as Artie’s chauffeur is that he keep Artie from falling off the wagon, so Pete—puppy dog-esque Pete—falls on the Gina Gershon-shaped grenade to hilarious …

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