TV Club: Cougar Town: “American Dream Plan B”

In The A.V. Club‘s 100 Episodes feature we define the shows that have made it to this point as “an unusual group”—an entirely true assertion, given it’s the only way you’ll be able to mention The Andy Griffith Show, Supernatural, and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in the same breath. And after this year, Cougar Town will be joining these august and eclectic ranks, closing out its run with six seasons and 102 episodes. Not a bad legacy for a show whose survival was at one point so in doubt it turned into a running gag on Community, the definition of a pot-kettle-black moment.

Much has already been written about the show’s improbable survival—and more will be written as its ending draws closer—so there’s no sense in belaboring that point any further. Instead, what’s important is to focus on the …

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