TV Club: Constantine: “Quid Pro Quo”

Featuring a plot about putting people in comas is tempting fate for a backstory episode, but “Quid Pro Quo” is just exciting enough to dodge the comparison. It’s the one where we find out the deal with Chas, which is that two years ago, he was in a bar paying his and John’s tabs when a fire erupted. Forty-seven people died, well, 48 including Chas. But before John left, he drunkenly cast some protection spell Merlin invented way back when that would let a Round Table knight absorb the lives of lesser knights who died at the same time. John didn’t even think it was real, but lo and behold, Chas crawled out of that fire with 47 lives to his name. Which, as “Quid Pro Quo” progresses, is a violation, then a burden, and finally a mission.

That backstory matters where it counts. By the end …

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