TV Club: Consistency is no longer a problem on Sleepy Hollow

One of the problems with the second season of Sleepy Hollow was in its forced efforts to bring in new characters. You didn’t just have the core of Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny, and Irving; you had Katrina newly brought back from the past and Hawley, the handsome rogue type whose handsome roguishness never quite took off the way the show clearly wanted him to. Then there was Henry and the Headless Horseman (remember him?) lurking on the sidelines, popping up whenever some foreshadowing or cackling was needed. That’s not a huge main cast, but it is a big one, and the mix never quite blended as evenly as it should have. Hawley was too much a cliche to be fun, and Katrina—well, the writers never quite figured out what the hell Katrina was, presumably because her powers as a witch would’ve made things too easy for our …

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