TV Club: Connections between characters get Rectify over a lumpy script

I’ve recommended Recity to a lot of people in the last few years, though those recommendations usually get hung up on the show’s subject matter. You can emphasize the eye-catching photography or the soulfulness of the lead performances, but at some point, you have to address the elephant in the room, as Chloe does in “Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice.” Daniel Holden was convicted of murder and rape and sentenced to death, all topics that might send potential viewers running for the hills.

Death-row stories are not entertaining. We want to believe in the efficacy and accuracy of our justice system. People with Daniel’s reputation aren’t the type to be invited into America’s living rooms. All of these things—along with the show’s ambiguous morality and philosophical leanings—combine to make Rectify a “difficult” show.

Abigail Spencer and Nathan Darrow (Screenshot …

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