TV Club: Community: “Wedding Videography”

Is the Greendale Gang the best thing ever to happen to its members or the worst? The group’s collective impact, both on its members and the larger community around it, is an idea Community has toyed with on many occasions prior to “Wedding Videography.” After all, they are more than just friends, as Annie explains to camera while Abed crafts his latest aimless documentary. “We’re an intensely, intimately bonded crew,” Annie says. It’s an odd moment in an odd episode. Community‘s sixth season has had lots of fun with the show’s cast changes, spinning Frankie and Elroy’s novelty into winning meta humor about the fact that neither knows the group’s history even as the group treats them like family. Community often tries to have it both ways: The Save Greendale Committee is a tight-knit group that’s generally unwilling or unable to integrate …

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