TV Club: Community: “Queer Studies And Advanced Waxing”

The difficulty in evaluating a show that’s gone through as many changes as has Community is figuring out the metric by which it should be evaluated. It seems unfair to judge Yahoo-era Community any more harshly than one would judge any show in its sixth season, especially following considerable cast churn. On the other hand, while it was only appropriate to grade the off-pitch fourth season on a curve, with Dan Harmon running the show, there’s no reason why Community can’t be as good as ever. “Queer Studies And Advanced Waxing” isn’t a classic episode, but it’s the first episode of season six to approximate the energy and structure of classic Community. This season has been heartening so far, but “Queer Studies” suggests the ceiling on the season’s potential is higher than anticipated.

“Queer Studies” manages to put the entire Save Greendale Committee in …

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