TV Club: Community: “Modern Espionage”

“Modern Espionage” could have been the triumph of Community‘s sixth season, or its biggest letdown. Not only is “Espionage” the third part of the Paintball Trilogy, forcing comparisons to two of Community‘s most beloved episodes, it’s the most elaborate spoof in a season woefully short on them. News of a third paintball episode circulated early in the season, and as the episodes rolled out, many of them with a clearly pinched production budget compared to the NBC days, the hope was that Dan Harmon was holding his powder for the paintball episode. Had “Espionage” failed to deliver, the disappointment would have been compounded by the notion that resources had been diverted from other episodes (for example, the standard credit sequence in “Grifting 101”) to a lackluster paintball episode.

Luckily, “Espionage” more than delivers. I won’t damn it with faint praise by saying it’s as good …

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