TV Club: Community: “Laws Of Robotics And Party Rights”

When a television show switches networks, the most tempting before-and-after comparison is that of production value. Dan Harmon has spoken in glowing terms of how generous Yahoo has been to ensure Community looks and feels like itself to the degree that’s possible. But it’s been difficult to quantify how sharply the show’s budget has dropped without context around how much Yahoo would want to spend on this kind of endeavor. “Laws Of Robotics And Party Rights” is the first episode of the season in which the budget cuts are becoming more apparent. Not since the debut season has Community gotten five episodes in without a large-scale pop-culture parody, and most of what we’ve seen thus far takes place in the pre-existing sets.

This is only important because Community‘s parodies open up conversations around those episodes that don’t take as much into account such standard …

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