TV Club: Community: “Intro To Recycled Cinema”

To call an episode of Community “odd” is perhaps redundant, but here we are, with “Intro To Recycled Cinema,” a left-field episode of a show that seems like it’s gone as far left as it possibly can. “Recycled Cinema” is difficult to assess because it contains many of the ingredients of a great Community episode, but they’re combined in a way that’s not as much good or bad as disorienting. At the risk of committing blasphemy, the episode is vaguely reminiscent of season four. While it would have been the high-water mark of that troubled season, “Recycled Cinema” feels improperly calibrated in the same way.

Much of that is due to the jarring cold open, an expository avalanche which establishes that Chang, bourgeoning thespian that he is, landed a spot in a ham commercial that went viral due to his inspired reading of his catchphrase, “Haaaaam, girl …

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