TV Club: Community: “Grifting 101”

Complaining about a sitcom repeating itself, when that sitcom is in its sixth season, would be unduly harsh in the case of most shows. It’s not harsh in the case of Community, which Dan Harmon conceived to be an elastic show, capable of taking on different looks, styles, and tones with each episode. Whether or not Community’s audience likes “Virtual Systems Analysis” or “G.I. Jeff,” everyone can agree those are ambitious, meticulously crafted homages to the sources that inspired them. Because Community has set a precedent for taking those kinds of risks, even with something that isn’t a direct spoof like “Remedial Chaos Theory,” it’s a little disappointing when the show covers material that feels too familiar.

“Grifting 101” is an episode Community has done better. In fact, after watching it, my first instinct was to revisit “Conspiracy Theories And Interior Design,” written by pillar …

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