TV Club: Community: “Basic Email Security”

In the final act of “Basic Email Security,” Abed identifies the episode as the culminating installment of what could be called Community‘s “Secrets Laid Bare” trilogy, which began in season two with “Cooperative Calligraphy,” then continued in season five’s “Cooperative Polygraphy,” both of which get shouted out through pithy log lines. That bit of dialogue almost acts as an apology for “Basic Email Security. It’s an admission that, like most final chapters of trilogies predicated on character continuity and format repetition rather than a three-act structure, the episode almost has no choice but to be slightly disappointing. At the risk of saying something that can’t be taken back, “Security” is Community‘s The Hangover: Part III or its The Matrix Revolutions. It certainly does more justice to this show than either of those films did to their respective franchises, but the result is still yet another …

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