TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Weird Al Yankovic Wears A Different Hawaiian Shirt”

“Weird Al Yankovic Wears A Different Hawaiian Shirt” is packed with pitch-perfect mimicry. To draw in female viewers, Scott retools the format, kicks off Kid Cudi, and brings on co-hosts Madeline Ferrari (Cheri Oteri), Terri Herdsman (Nicole Byer), and Eliza Hansenback (Heather Morris). From the bright, airy set to the brittle artificiality of the banter, The Brew‘s parroting of a popular morning program is spot on. And Scott’s having a great time! As the only male co-host of The Brew, Hot Saucerman lives up to his nickname, spicing up the insipid morning-show chatter with equally insipid ribaldry about masturbation and twerking.

“Weird Al” Yankovic is the show’s first guest, and he and Scott have been working on impressions of each other—impressions so dead-on, they appear as each other, eventually switching seats and identities. But before they swap lives forever, Al is understandably sour over …

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