TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang! warms up to climate change with a Christmas beach party

Comedy Bang! Bang! didn’t use up the whole green-screen budget last week after all, and they didn’t use up all their early-’60s references in Josh Groban’s previous appearance. In the season finale, “Josh Groban Wears A Blue Blazer And Shiny Black Shoes,” it’s Christmas at the Comedy Bang! Bang! studio, and nothing says Christmas like a Christmas beach party!

What’s that? A lot of things say Christmas better than a beach party? Yeah, that’s true. But when Scott finishes his mulled wine and burns the polystyrene cup, he tips the scales of climate change just enough to bring sea levels up, making the studio beach-front property. And a beach means a ’60s beach party, complete with peppy pop music, a surfing competition, and a mop-topped member of the British Invasion.

The Beetle (Scott Aukerman) (IFC)

No beach party is complete without a dreamy …

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