TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Ty Burrell Wears A Chambray Shirt And Clear Frame Glasses”

“What kind of sick twist snatches up a strange kid off the street to read them boring stories of ironic hipster comedy?” Good question, officer, and here’s another: Where is the line between ironic hipster comedy and intentionally feeble Dad jokes? I’m not sure, and after this season premiere, I don’t think Comedy Bang! Bang! is, either.

It’s fitting that Ty Burrell is the guest for an episode so suffused with Dad jokes. As Phil Dunphy of Modern Family, he’s a contemporary exemplar of traditional sitcom Dadness: affable, easy-going, and spouting a string of insipid puns and wisecracks that make him laugh while everyone else rolls their eyes.

However you feel about Modern Family (for the record, I think it’s a well-crafted piece of comfortable mediocrity), Burrell has earned those Emmys with consistently excellent performances, and guest spots elsewhere let him show off other …

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